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Our experts provide the best solutions for your needs and goals.
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We create interfaces and visuals that tell your brand’s story

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We analyze and centralize data to better guide your strategic decisions.

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We optimize your internal processes and integrate the software you need in your infrastructure.

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We custom-build the solution or software you need.

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To answer your modernization needs, we create a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers, technicians and specialists to lead your projects to success. We build our teams with experts in Canada as well as from our international offices, which allows us to provide the most qualified experts for your projects.

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// Design

UX – Vending machines, time travel.

A series of articles dedicated to the user experience of vending machines (drinks and snacks) and its evolution over time on two continents.
(french article)

June 19th 2020


// Front

Discovering Svelte, another front-end framework?

No, Svelte is a new library to manage the front-end components of an application. (french article)

June 15th 2020


// Back, Divers

Black belt in API test? Test Karate!

When we talk about non-regression tests, we often think of tests on the IU side. Selenium, Cucumber, Cypress or TestCafé, there is no lack of tools! (…)
But there is one, much less known: Karate.
(french article)

June 4th 2020


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