About Ineat Canada

We are a Montréal-based digital transformation business, part of a group with offices in Europe and Asia. Ineat Canada also has the status of Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC).

We accompany business through their digital transformation

We are convinced that innovation is the best answer to our ever-changing society. We strive to guide and support businesses through their digital transformations by helping them master new technologies. A major player in the field, Ineat has used, since it's foundation in France in 2006, a dynamic business model.

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The word of the founders

Yves Delnatte INEAT

Yves Delnatte – Founder

Cyril Delbecq INEAT


An unlikely encounter with the person who would become more than a friend … an associate.

Who would have thought that September 1, 1988 would change the lives of more than one person. I found myself side by side in second with Cyril Delbecq. Fate sometimes brings people together for decisions that will have an incredible impact.

After doing our ranges in a large IT group, we quickly acquired the conviction that we could do it differently.

Naturally, the desire to create together was present. We had the values, the positioning, the desire, the ingredients for launching a BEAUTIFUL TEAM …

The ingredients, ok! but, this August 10, 2006, we started from nothing…

We asked ourselves a lot of questions, about our association, our motivations.

Lots of questions. Meetings, too, like during our training in California at Stanford in 2012 which encouraged us to take even more risk to grow.

So how do you create a different, closer, more responsive society?

After 13 years, INEAT offers even more opportunities to its employees.

We remain a start-up because we are constantly rethinking our model.

We were born at Euratechnologies, an ecosystem that made us grow, grow faster because boosted by this DNA of entrepreneurs, carried by large northern companies and innovation, embodied by start-ups. We work with each other.

So imagine when we bring these 2 worlds together.

We move forward, we listen, we grow… Our customers become our partners, the Ineatians our inspiration, our ecosystem our family. We are proud of INEAT and continue to go further in the way we manage, grow and flourish.

– Yves –

Cyril Delbecq INEAT


INEAT is first and foremost an extraordinary human adventure.

Our project was born from a very strong common desire: to put people at the heart of the company in a sector where a priori it was not obvious. Our corporate culture is based on listening, sharing, perseverance, initiative and pleasure.

INEAT is built on a strong technological DNA, a veritable foundation to which have been grafted the various trades essential for a good understanding of digital in the overall performance of a company.

Since 2006, INEAT has turned to International to now be present on 3 major continents.

Our promise and our strength is to combine international agility with proximity to serve the strategy of our customers and the ambition of our INEATIANS.

Our 360 Offer allows us to support any business on 3 fundamental issues:

Business development and customer relationship
The performance of its driving forces
Innovation to be in a leadership position.
Passionate, our teams are always looking for innovative and adapted solutions to support the changes facing our customers,

Passionate, our teams like to transmit their knowledge and give meaning to their daily lives,

Passionate, our teams are fascinating to manage.

We work every day with a spirit of conquest and a concern for performance to make our customers leaders in their market.

– Cyril –


Growing up while remaining on a human scale: our daily challenge

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annual revenue
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growth since 2013
Ineat academy logo


  • Launch of Ineat ACADEMY
  • Opening of new offices in Bordeaux
  • Renewal of HAPPY AT WORK label
aws certified logo ineat


  • Creation of Ineat Canada and acquisition of Soluteo
  • Opening of new offices in Lyon
  • Paris offices moving to new location on rue Mogador
  • AWS certification
  • HAPPY AT WORK label
Phoceis et Frenchtech logo ineat


  • +25% growth of annual revenue
  • Ineat wins the Pass FrenchTech
  • BPI support for international expansion
  • Ineat buys Phoceis
Ineat logo


  • +38% growth of annual revenue
  • Creation of I-Lab
  • New group identity
  • 10 year celebration in Dubrovnik
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  • Launch of the new infrastructure activities by Philippe Chrétien
  • 1st recruiting event – the first day of the rest of your professionnal life.
  • Dreambuilder (evening with our veteran employees)
Shangai logo ineat


  • +21% growth of annual revenue
  • New business vision, with the perspective 2017 plan
  • 1st participation to the CES in Las Vegas
  • Creation of the MAME offer
  • Opening of Phoceis Shanghai
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  • Creation of the Service Center in Lille
  • Lille Stanford formation in the entrepreneurship and innovation by Ineat Group’s founder
  • Ineat participates in the NRF in New York
  • 1st paricipation in the NSE (New Shopping Experience)
Deloitte technolog fast 50 Lauréat 2012 logo ineat


  • +16% growth of annual revenue
  • 1st laureate of the FAST 50 by Deloitte Technology
  • 5 year celebration in Avoriaz
Bruxelles image ineat


  • +37% growth of annual revenue
  • Creation of Ineat Belux in Brussels
  • 2nd laureate of the FAST 50 by Deloitte Technology
  • Ranked 29th by Ernst & Young in businesses of the future
Croissance +55% chiffre d'affaire ineat


  • +55% growth of annual revenue
  • 1st NSE (New Shopping Experience) by PICOM
  • Parisian offices move to Boulogne Billancourt
  • Ranked 29th by Ernst & Young in businesses of the future
Lauréat réseau entreprendre nord logo ineat


  • +62% growth of annual revenue
  • Ineat reaches 50 employees
  • Laureate of the Réseau Entreprendre Nord
  • Recipient of the Jeune créateur d’emploi prize
  • Ranked 29th by Ernst & Young in businesses of the future
Microsoft certified partner logo ineat


  • +61% growth of annual revenue
  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • 1st iOS app launched
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  • Opening of an office in Paris in Suresnes
  • Association with Syntec/Créativallée/AS2i
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  • Creation of Ineat Consulting, first employee
  • Originally focused on ICTs and data management
  • 1st client: Auchan

VERSATILITY in the way we work and in our ability to adapt to our clients and employee’s needs.

PLEASURE because we find it essential to have fun while we work, to truly grow.

INNOVATION to stay ahead of the curve and to continuously feed our curiosity.

RESPONSABILITY in our work, to be more involved and to always want to succeed.

INITIATIVE in the solutions we provide to answer our clients issues

TRANSFORMATION always on our mind to always reinvent and to challenge ourselves.


The Ineat Spirit

Ineat strives to maintain its family spirit and always applies long term vision. Six fundamental values are shared by all members of the Ineat Group.

The six pillars that guide our actions are:

Versatility (S for Souplesse)

Our partners

We have assembled a network of societies that we trust.

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We help with our heart

We support many charitable organisations in their mission

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Welcome to Ineat

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We can help you create the solution you need. If it can be coded, we'll make it happen.

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