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Modern workspace

Open spaces, large windows and views of the Old Port.

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Fruit basket, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and much more, at your disposal.

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Flexible schedules

You can adjust your arrival time according to your needs.

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Collective insurance

Group insurance and budget for your sports activities.

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Work from home

To contribute to an excellent work / life balance.

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Choose your tech

Windows, Mac or Linux? Your work tool, your choice!

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We offer 4 weeks off from the start. And 5 weeks after 2 years of service.

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Continuous learning

Lunch & Learn / Training / Experts

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Chief Happiness Officer

The happiness and well-being of the team are its main mission.

Join the Ineat adventure.

Meet the team

Our employees, our tech enthusiasts, our experts.
Discover the men and women who make our projects successful.

Looking for a career

overseas ?

Ineat Group is also established in Europe and Asia.<br />Our offices in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Paris and Shanghai are always on the lookout for new talents.

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